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Snake in the Grass®

Eco-friendly Home Security Systems

Solve all of your home security needs while protecting the environment! How? Buy a snake, and put it in the grass! Predators dare not step foot upon your poisonously python protected private property!

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This week's submission comes from little 4-month-old Ricky from Yorkshire. His parents Pat and Chris say, "Thanks so much S.I.T.S. for our safe home. Ricky is warming up and practicing his own predator protection skills!"

baby biting a snake

Snake Security

Each snake requires one year of physical training on real human flesh as you raise them in their play pens. After they gain a taste for blood, let them loose on your lawn and let the simultaneous safety and hilarity ensue!

snake biting a finger
snake biting man's face snake flying towards a bird

Your security serpents will be so blood thirsty that pests of any kind won't dare step on your lawn. Say goodbye to cleaning bird droppings off your vehicles!

Our Snakes Serve

After our snakes perish, they will fully biodegrade into your lawn. Also, the rotting snake smell will also deter burglars from entering your private property.

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